Party with a purpose at Yours and Owls Festival



The fezzy is coming in hot and we are ready and raring to party with a purpose this weekend. 


We’re STOKED that the team at Yours and Owls are taking responsibility for the festival’s waste, by eliminating single-use plastics and implementing proper waste disposal. That means replacing single-use plastic cups, drink bottles, cutlery, food ware and straws with reusable and compostable alternatives along with a proper recycling and composting systems. What a dream!


In a place as magical as the Gong, where we get to party right by the beach, it’s super important that we do everything we can to prevent festival litter from ending up in our oceans. That means there’ll be a few changes this year, but nothing you clever cookies won't be able to wrap your heads around. 


At the bar


When you rock up to the bar, stinging for a beer, there won’t be a disposable plastic cup in sight. Instead you’ll find our new fancy Globelet cups which can be used again and again and again. You’ll pay a small $3 deposit with your first bev purchase, but then the cup is either yours to keep, or can be returned for $1 back (the difference pays for the system). Easy as! Plastic Free Wollongong will also have a donation station where you can donate your $1 which will go towards our projects outside of the festival. 


The same goes for the Globelet drink bottles! They’ll be available for purchase at the bar and can be refilled at one of the many water stations scattered around the site. If you don’t want to pay for a drink bottle, you’re more than welcome to bring your own into the festival as long as it’s empty and not made of glass or single-use plastic.



As an added bougie touch, the team from WeRefill will be providing free sparkling water for all you fancy pants out there!!


Food stalls 


All of the food stalls this year will be serving up their delicious treats on compostable plates, bowls and trays with compostable bamboo and FCS certified wooden cutlery. Along with the Globelet system this will see Yours & Owls eliminate over 15,000 single-use plastic items in one fowl swoop!


We are so happy to finally see markets and stalls at big events make the transition to sustainable alternatives and hope the move by Yours and Owls  to #partywithapurpose gets implemented at all festivals and events in the Gong! 





And now it’s up to you, the party people, to make sure that all of those half empty tinnies, food scraps and ciggie butts end up in the right place. The bin.




Not on the ground, inside a sea bird or all over your mate’s best shirt. 


Our pals from Citizen Blue are providing a super-simple and effective three bin system - compost, recycling and general waste - to make sure we prevent as much waste as possible from ending up in landfill. It’s almost impossible to get wrong! But don’t stress, the Plastic Free Wollongong crew will be there to guide the way once things start getting a little hazy. Keep an eye out for these systems across the festival grounds.  



The Yours and Owls Festival is becoming so much more than just great music. It’s a true community event which represents everything good about life in the Gong. And there’s nothing better about Gong life than our beautiful coastline. So it’s only fitting that as we party, we do so with the purpose of keeping our beautiful parks and beaches clean and pristine. 



So remember - recycle yo cans, compost yo scraps and if you see your mate flick a ciggie butt, tell them to #partywithapurpose and use the bins. 



We're so lucky to be a part of a community that wants to make sure our epic parties don't cause epic environmental damage. So embrace the plastic free movement and make sure your mates are on board too. It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep the place litter free. Many hands make light work and if we all manage to keep the place spick and span, there’s no reason why we can’t party with a purpose for many years to come. 





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